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About: Our Story

Maine Custom Woodlands is a timber harvesting and forest management company operating two mechanical crews and a trucking fleet. As a small family-owned business that has been in operation for 30 years, we have a tight-knit team that is passionate and knowledgeable about the forest industry.

Since 1993, Maine Custom Woodlands has been working to:


Meet landowner goals:

Whether your priorities for your land are wildlife, recreation, aesthetics, or income based, our foresters will determine the type or harvest that best suits your woodlot.


Provide clear, understandable documentation:

We aim to be transparent from the start, providing landowners with clear documentation such as harvest proposals, contracts, mill trip tickets, scale slips and settlement reports.


Improve the health of the forest:

With three licensed Foresters on staff, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure the health of your forest is preserved for years to come.


Pay attention to forest aesthetics:

Worried about what your forest will look like post-harvest? We have a full excavation team ready to clean up and ensure your land is even better than we found it.

Care for wildlife:

Whether you’re a bird watcher or avid hunter, we can prescribe the right harvest to foster healthy wildlife habitats. We also work with the Maine Natural Areas Program to check if endangered species, sensitive habitats, or invasive species exist on the property prior to harvesting.


Tom Cushman established Maine Custom Woodlands in December of 1993 with a cable skidder, two pickup trucks, and 4 chainsaws. Throughout the next 4 years, he slowly added crew members, logging equipment and trucks that allowed the operation to become completely mechanized – no more chainsaws necessary. During this time, he also joined the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine and in 2005 became the president of the organization.  

Many exciting changes came to Maine Custom Woodlands throughout the early 2000’s, including adding vital staff such as an office manager and a second forester. The addition of Excavation equipment allowed the formation of MCW’s Excavation division in 2007.


With a team that was outgrowing their small office space in Pineland and nowhere to service equipment, it was clear that the company needed a central location to call home. In 2009, the shop/office building on Hallowell Road in Durham was built, an exciting milestone in the growth of Maine Custom Woodlands.

The 2010s were also a time of exciting growth. In 2014, the staff doubled with the addition of a second timber harvesting crew. Tom’s son Joe and wife Beth also joined the company full-time in 2015. The Grinding division of Maine Custom Woodlands was established in 2017.

Fast forward to 2023 and we have grown to 28 talented employees (and 5 office dogs) and our operation has the capacity to produce 1200-1400 cords of wood per week. We look to the next few years with excitement as we are currently in the process of installing truck scales at Durham location. This will be the next big chapter at Maine Custom Woodlands and we can’t wait to see what else the future will hold.


About: Meet the Team
Elizabeth Cushman



Senior Procurement Forester

Chelsea Roy

Forest Procurement Specialist

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