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Timber Harvesting Systems: Testimonials


Feller Buncher

The Excavator and Bulldozer

Once the landing is cleared by the feller buncher, the excavator and bulldozer will arrive to build the access road, and stump and smooth the landing. This equipment then returns to close out the trails and landing. This stabilizes the trails and protects water quality.


The Slasher/Delimber

The skidders drop their hitches on the landing for the knuckle boom loader. The operator uses the loader to pull the trees through our pull-through delimber in order to remove all the branches. The tree is then slashed and sorted or chipped based on species and grade.


The Chip Trailers 

Some of our trucks haul chip trailers. The chip trailer is fed by the chipper and hauls the biomass to energy-producing plants. 

Logging Truck

The Feller Buncher:

The first to arrive is the feller buncher. The guys on the crew will refer to it as “the buncher.” This huge logging machine has a circular saw head that cuts select trees at the stump, and grabs them and lays them down in hitches. The operator will cut select trees following the Harvest Prescription. This machine will also clear the landing, skid road, and trails in order to bring the harvested wood out for processing.

Excavator & Bull Dozer

The Skidders

The grapple skidders work to pull the hitches up from the woods. They follow the trails created by the harvester as they drag the trees to the landing for processing.


The Chipper

Our whole tree chipper processes tops and trees for biomass and bole chips. The knuckle boom loader feeds the chipper.


The Log Trailers

The other trucks haul log trailers. The log trailer has its own knuckle boom loader. The truck driver loads the truck and then delivers the wood to various mills.

The Service Truck

This truck carries all our service needs on the job. Anything the crew may need to service the machines is stored on this truck.

Maine Custom Woodlands Service Truck
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