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Thomas Cushman



Tom received his B.S. degree in Forest Engineering from the University of Maine and is a Maine Licensed Professional Forester and Wood Scaler. Upon graduation he immediately launched into a career in logging as a procurement manager for a large logging company. In 1993 he formed his own company, Maine Custom Woodlands, LLC. Tom is also President of MCW Trucking, a sister company formed for the sole purpose of trucking forest products for Maine Custom Woodlands.


Tom has been a voice for loggers in the State of Maine since the year 2000 when he was appointed Vice President of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine. In 2005 he was elected President of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine, also serving as the President of The Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands. Tom worked on the development and creation of the Northeast Master Logger Certification Program. In 2001, Maine Custom Woodlands was one of the first 23 companies to be certified in the State of Maine.


Tom enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, hunting, and riding his motorcycle.

Thomas Cushman: Meet the Team
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