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Types of Timber Harvests: Testimonials



To help the landowner with the decision process and to determine the value of the timber, our forester will conduct a timber cruise. There are a lot of variables that go into the value of timber, such as landowner objectives, road construction, size of the lot, wet areas, tree species, fuel prices along with the distance to the mills, products and markets. With the knowledge of what is happening in the industry, our forester can give a reasonably accurate estimate of the per-acre value of the timber.


At Maine Custom Woodlands we understand that for some landowners harvesting timber for the first time can be a scary proposition. With that in mind, we strive to educate and work to eliminate surprises. Landowners who work with us know that their harvest will be a responsible one that will meet their individual goals for the best return on their investment. Based on the goals and objectives of the landowner, coupled with the characteristics of the woodlot, our forester will determine the type of cut that best suits the situation. Environmentally-responsible harvests foster biodiversity.


The term “clear cut” has gotten a bad reputation over the years. This type of cut is an effective tool for controlling disease or eliminating insect infestation of a species. Think about the stone walls you may see in the woods.  Those are evidence of a former field that was created by clear-cutting an earlier forest.

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